Parga‘s Sightseeing

Parga ‘s Sightseeing

1) The Venetian Castle,  located in Parga’s old village

2) The island of Virgin Maria near Parga’s main port

3) Church museum in the center of Parga

4)  St. Nicholas church in the center of Parga

5)  St. Vlacherna monastery situated at the end of Valtos beach

6) Ai.Sostis monastery situated near Ai Sostis beach (2 km from Anthousa village and 4km from Parga)

7) Hiking in beautiful olive groves and the mills of Anthousa village (2 km from Parga)

8) The picturesque cobblestone streets within the old village and the new center of Parga

9) The Castle of "Ali Pasha"(2,5 km from Parga)

10) Ai Giannakis fresh water spring (7 km from Parga)

11) The Afrodite cave near Lichnos beach (5 km from Parga)

12) The numerous churches of Parga old village and new center


In Parga Greece also you can do lot of activities like:
-Scuba diving
-Bird watching
-Lot of water sports in Valtos beach (parasailing, skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, tubes, banana etch)
-Rafting and horse riding in the Acheron river springs (28 km from Parga)